We are 360 media specialists. Realestate, Ecommerce, Drone footage and more

Aerial Drone Footage

Get cinematic, breathtaking video of in, around and above your property or event. Check out our demos here


Display your product in functional, interactive 360 images. Allow your customers full immersion 

Real Estate

Expand your client base by allowing anyone, anywhere to be inside your property. A walkthrough video in which the client can fully control on any device or social media platform

360 Ecommerce

Display your products on your website at their absolute finest. Create total comfort for your clients and convert leads into sales 

Virtual Real Estate

Demonstrate your space in its ultimate, most breath taking form. There really is no greater solution 

360 Online

Some of our clients just need mp4/video copies of their footage but If you need your 360 media hardcoded into your website, our in-house tech team have that covered…and it comes with a life time guarantee service 

Beautiful on every device

Every piece of media we create is responsive with every device, quality will never be sacrificed on any device or social media platform.

Even everything on this website is responsive, try resizing the page and watch the magic of responsive design 

The future of media is 360, not jus what we see, but how we capture. Enabling talented photographers and filming crews to be at the crest of the wave as 360 takes over, creates beautiful and immersive  content, aiding both business and client 

Nutsara - Thaigers CEO

What Next

Lets chat about your project. We can meet at our Pattaya studio, in or around Pattaya and Bangkok or chat via skype/Email/phone. We look forward to working with you 

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